Is It Really Free? How Do You Make Money?

Yes, V-Note is free forever. No expiration or time limits.

We charge only for collaboration space and V-Note Pro. (What's the difference?) We have monthly options starting at $9.99, one-time purchases, and special pricing for groups. (Prices)

We even give you one half hour of collaboration space free forever. This space works like a bucket; you can upload a 25 minute video today and share with the whole class, colleagues, or whomever. When you’re finished, you can replace the video. Need more collaboration space? 5 hours to stream and collaborate on starts at just $5 per month.

Users can share projects with their classes and teams. Some researchers even publish share codes in journal articles to share raw data and analysis methods with colleagues.

Analyzing together collaboratively is an extremely powerful tool for generating powerful and potentially ground-breaking quantitative and qualitative results.

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Video Can Be Richly Detailed, but...

Using video has many advantages. It can capture and provide rich detail like nothing else on: technique, practice, context, comparing and contrasting, and much more. It is particularly good at capturing change and development over time. Whether for research, sports, medicine, teacher training, or legal work, video is a must in today's competitive landscape. Video is not without its problems, however; it can be difficult to work with and analyze. When you have more than just a few minutes, it can be hard to find things - even with notes. Also, video is not persistent; it just keeps on playing and doesn't stick around and let you point at it easily. It can also be hard to share videos and your related insights with others.

Although it's great to capture those magic moments on video, if you can't share them effectively and analyze their meaning, their impact can be reduced or lost.

V-Note Helps You and Your Team Unlock the Patterns...

Only V-Note makes it simple to analyze videos and get the most out of them. V-Note Video Analysis Software for MacOS®, Windows®, Android®, iPhone®, and iPad® was designed by... (Read More)

V-Note Video Analysis Software Lets You:

  • Identify, share, and analyze the very best examples of data, practice, or technique using video
  • Generate convergent thinking in your team toward common understandings, standards of practice, and outcomes
  • Give your team a shared rich video-based context for analysis, discussion, and decision-making
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders using the cloud-based video analysis tools incorporated into V-Note
  • Gain a 'bird's eye view' of your data or your best practices
  • Easily make portfolios of exemplary data, practices, or techniques for comparison or further analysis
  • Unlock patterns and find hard-to-see relationships in your videos.

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